The Weber School’s model United Nations team had to defend two of the world’s less popular nations while participating in the University of Georgia Model U.N. Conference in Athens during the first weekend in February.

It was the Weber team’s second U.N. conference of the school year.

Although there are no winners or losers in model U.N., the Weber team wound up representing two tough countries: Qatar, which finances Hamas and whose abysmal human rights record has gained global attention since the emirate began preparations to host soccer’s World Cup in 2022; and North Korea, known to launch rockets into space as a test of nuclear-capable ballistic missiles and to spread Sony’s secrets through cyberattacks.

Juniors Justin Wolozin, Yarden Willis and Shannan Berzack participated in the first General Assembly of the United Nations, which focused on the Iran nuclear deal and maritime piracy. Sophomores Aaron Gordon, Asher Stadler, Sam Fialkow, Jordan Arbiv and Adam Spector participated in the third General Assembly, which explored the economic, social and cultural rights of Syrian refugees.