Chanukah is one of the most festive of our festivals, so the AJT is spreading the fun by sharing one fun holiday video for each night of the Festival of Lights.

But because this is the last night of Chanukah and thus our last excuse to post Chanukah videos until Dec. 3, 2018, we’re giving you twice the New York-based a cappella goodness tonight.

New York Boys Choir, under the leadership of producer Yitzy Bald, with assistance from film producer Shia Fried and musical producer and arranger Doni Gross, presents a fun-filled, inspiring video cleverly titled “Chanukah.” We don’t know where they come up with such creativity either. But the video is a nice holiday treat.

If you like the music, you can download it free at….

Part 2 of the eighth-night fun is a glimpse into a possible future for the New York Boys Choir: Y-Studs A Cappella, formed by a group of male Yeshiva University students (Y-Studs, get it?). The Studs offer a heartfelt rendition of Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” and maybe if we had posted this last night instead of tonight, the Falcons would have risen a little higher and had an easier path to victory in Tampa.

This is a “pivoted” version of “Rise Up,” meaning the Y-Studs keep the lyrics but reinterpret them to deliver a religious message, which in this case is a response to the surge in anti-Semitic acts this year. The key is fusing “Maoz Tzur” into the song.

OK, it’s Chanukah. We couldn’t resist posting one more bonus video because is it really Chanukah without Adam Sandler? Here’s the 2015 update of Sandler’s beloved “Chanukah Song.”

Happy Chanukah.