The MJCCA’s Lisa F. Brill Institute for Jewish Learning is pleased to announce open registration for 2013-2014. From current events to ancient practices, the MJCCA offers new and exciting courses led by acclaimed instructors. They’re offered all over Metro Atlanta with a range of daytime and evening options, and are open to the community.

Shelley Buxbaum

Shelley Buxbaum

Have a question about Judaism? The MJCCA’s Brill Institute has a class to address all of your curiosities and more. Dr. Shelley Buxbaum, Director, Lisa F. Brill Institute for Jewish Learning says, “People of all ages and denominations are looking to study and debate Jewish topics. From the core values of Judaism, life cycle observances and holidays, to debating Jewish identity in America, to exploring the American experience for immigrants – we provide an array of daytime and evening lectures and courses with gifted teachers and presenters.”

Former Brill Institute student Amy Rosenberg says, “The MJCCA’s Brill Institute allowed me to continue my Jewish education but from an adult perspective. My life experiences allowed me to view information that I learned as a child differently as an adult.  The classes exposed me to many different views of Judaic study, based on interactions with my instructor and classmates. It was something that I did for myself that has been a positive influence on my entire family life.”

Dr. Buxbaum adds, “There is truly something for everyone – whether you are just beginning to explore Judaism, or simply want to deepen your knowledge, we have a class for you.”