The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published its yearly almanac with a multitude of statistics for 2017-18.

From the 108 pages in the almanac, I have drawn questions for AJT readers to answer. Note that the answers are based on the options presented. Often, there are colleges rated even higher in the almanac. Here we go.

  1. Which public college has the highest average pay for full professors? A. University of Michigan; B. UCLA; C. University of Massachusetts; D. University of Virginia
  2. Among these private nonprofit institutions, which has the highest average pay for full professors? A. NYU; B. Northwestern; C. Duke; D. Vanderbilt
  3. Who is the top producer of U.S. Fulbright scholars? A. Michigan State; B. Wisconsin; C. University of Georgia; D. University of South Florida
  4. Private nonprofit institutions are expensive. Which is the most expensive (excluding any financial aid)? A. University of Chicago; B. Brandeis; C. Harvey Mudd; D. Franklin & Marshall
  5. For state of Georgia students, what out-of-state university costs the most? A. University of Arizona; B. Clemson; C. University of Tennessee; D. University of Virginia
  6. Which college has the greatest improvement in six-year graduation rates? A. Florida International; B. University of Massachusetts; C. University of North Alabama; D. California State University at Fullerton
  7. Which four-year public college has the best six- and three-year graduation rates? A. Georgia Tech; B. U.S. Naval Academy; C. University of Georgia; D. University of Virginia
  8. Among these four-year, private, nonprofit colleges, which has the best six- and three-year graduation rates? A. Amherst; B. Duke; C. Dartmouth; D. Stanford
  9. Which is the top college for awarding credit for study abroad? A. Ohio State; B. University of Texas (Austin); C. Indiana University; D. University of Pennsylvania
  10. Which doctoral university has the most foreign students? A. Michigan State; B. Carnegie Mellon; C. Arizona State; D. Columbia
  11. Which baccalaureate institution has the most foreign students? A. University of Richmond; B. Bryn Mawr; C. Smith; D. Middlebury
  12. Which special-focus institution has the most foreign students? A. Babson; B. Savannah College of Art and Design; C. Pratt Institute; D. New York Film Academy (L.A.)
  13. Which four-year, public college received the highest amounts in Pell grants and federal student loans for undergraduates? A. Michigan State; B. Temple; C. Rutgers; D. University of Central Florida
  14. Which group is highest when it comes to freshman political views? A. Far left; B. Middle of the road; C. Conservative; D. Liberal
  15. Among the fastest-growing public colleges, the best enrollment percentage belongs to: A. University of Mississippi; B. Rutgers; C. University of Alabama; D. Georgia Tech
  16. Among the fastest-growing private, nonprofit, doctoral institutions, the best enrollment percentage belongs to: A. Worcester Polytechnic; B. Drexel; C. Rice; D. Rochester
  17. For public doctoral institutions, the largest enrollment is: A. University of Florida; B. Rutgers; C. Michigan State; D. Arizona State
  18. Which private, nonprofit college has the highest-paid chief executive? A. Washington University in St. Louis; B. Cornell; C. Johns Hopkins; D. Boston University
  19. The most common distance from college to their permanent home for freshmen at four-year colleges is: A. 101 to 500 miles; B. 10 miles or less; C. 11 to 50 miles; D. 51 to 100 miles
  20. Rated very important for choosing a particular college, the following garnered the most votes: A. Cost of attendance; B. Very good academic reputation; C. Visit to the campus; D. College graduates get good jobs

Answers: 1 B; 2 A; 3 D; 4 C; 5 D; 6 A; 7 D; 8 A; 9 B; 10 C; 11 C; 12 B; 13 D; 14 B; 15 C; 16 A; 17 D; 18 A; 19 A; 20 B.