Congregation B’nai Torah is seeking its 11th A Division title in 12 years as the Atlanta Men’s Synagogue Softball League season starts Sunday, June 3.

Also trying to defend their titles are Congregation Etz Chaim in the B Division and Temple Beth Tikvah 2 in the C Division.

Altogether, 25 teams from 18 congregations are competing in the league this year:

  • A Division — Ahavath Achim, Beth Tefillah, B’nai Torah 1, Chabad, Dor Tamid 1, Or VeShalom, Sinai A and The Temple 1.
  • B Division — Ariel, Beth Tikvah 1, Etz Chaim, Gesher L’Torah, Sinai B, Or Hadash and Young Israel.
  • C Division — B’nai Torah 2, Beth Shalom 1, Beth Shalom 2, Beth Tikvah 2, Beth Jacob, Dor Tamid 2, Emanu-El, Kol Emeth, Sinai C and The Temple Z.

“AMSSL has been around for over 30 years and serves to foster brotherhood among the members of the various synagogues in the metro Atlanta area while competing in the spirit of fairness and sportsmanship,” Commissioner Cory Davis said.

Games are played on Sundays through the end of July at Ocee Park in Johns Creek, East Roswell Park and the Marcus JCC in Dunwoody. Double-elimination playoffs are scheduled to start the first week of August.

The opening-day schedule calls for afternoon games at East Roswell (Etz Chaim-Or Hadash and B’nai Torah 2-Dor Tamid 2 at 3, Etz Chaim-Young Israel and Emanu-El-Dor Tamid 2 at 4:15, Beth Shalom 1-Sinai C and Emanu-El-Kol Emeth at 5:30, and Beth Tikvah 2-Temple Z and Beth Jacob-Beth Shalom 2 at 6:45) and the JCC (Ariel-Sinai B and Beth Tikvah 1-Gesher L’Torah at 3, Ahavath Achim-Dor Tamid 1 and Beth Tefillah-Or VeShalom at 4:15, Chabad-Temple 1 and B’nai Torah 1-Sinai A at 5:30, and Chabad-Sinai A and B’nai Torah 1-Temple 1 at 6:45).

“The league is as vibrant as ever. The competition is strong, and the games are highly entertaining. I have been a part of the league for 17 years, and what I like the most about it is the camaraderie and the competition,” Davis said. “I encourage everyone in the community to head out to one of the parks on a Sunday and check out a game.”

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