Sister artists Judy Robkin and Anita Stein opened an exhibit of their work Thursday, June 7, at the Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah, a nondenominational sacred space for ritual immersion for the Jewish community.

The sisters are donating 25 percent of the proceeds of the artwork to MACoM.

Robkin, who visited Yugoslavia and was inspired by an older lady’s expression, dress and posture, set about creating intriguing clay figures ranging from around 13 to 25 inches tall.

The figures have names such as Pearl, Ruth and Lila, and Robkin said people are often moved that a figure and its name match a late relative.

“Life is like rings on a tree. My figures all have their stories to tell,” she said.

Stein paints pastels of landscapes and water elements. Mostly in blue and green hues, the water scenes tie in naturally with mikvah immersion.

“Since waves are constantly in motion, I have to work from photos. I can’t do stop-action,” Stein said.

Guitarist Kyra Goldman entertained the group with an original song about Israel, “Lion Waking Up.”