Things are looking up for Congregation Or VeShalom’s Boy Scout Troop 73, led by Josiah Benator, 95.

Last year the AJT reported that only two active members remained in the group, jeopardizing its ability to continue after decades of Scouting.

Benator now has six boys under his charge, one above the minimum requirement for registration. “We’d like to get more of them, though,” he said. “We’re able to go on camping trips, and we work with our Scouts each week on advancement.”

What does Benator think about the Boy Scouts of America’s ruling to expand its reach to girls? “It’s unethical. The only reason the Boy Scout movement is encouraging girls to join is because they’ve lost a lot of boys. Enrollment has dropped off. It is a detriment to the girls’ organization that will undercut their enrollment,” he said. “They should stand up (to the BSA) on this very poor decision.”

The BSA has reported that only 5 percent of Boy Scouts earn the Eagle Badge, and the Girl Scouts already have their equivalent, the Gold Award, Benator said.