The AJT reported in December 2015 on a rift within Chabad of Georgia that led Rabbi Yossi New to remove Chabad Intown from his organization, although Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman continued his religious and outreach work under the Chabad Intown name.

It was a story we weren’t happy to report because Chabad in its many forms does so much good in our community.

But we are happy to share this update, nearly two years later: Chabad Intown is once again part of Chabad of Georgia.

Rabbis New and Schusterman issued the following statement in the first week of August:

“We are pleased to share that Chabad of Georgia under the leadership of Rabbi Yossi New and Chabad Intown led by Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman have reached an agreement and joint understanding regarding Chabad’s outreach to the Intown community.

“Chabad Intown will be reinstated under the umbrella of the Georgia Chabad network and the international network of Chabad Lubavitch, as it continues to serve the growing Jewish population in the Intown community.

“This agreement holds much promise for the continued growth and development of Chabad Lubavitch centers in Georgia in its service to the Georgia Jewish community.”

That statement came right after Tisha B’Av, which laments the destructiveness of Jewish divisiveness. We’re delighted to take this reunion as a sign of the power of Jewish unity and look forward to countless additional contributions to our Jewish community from Chabad, intown and elsewhere.