As sour as several U.N. Security Council members were during the debates and votes related to Gaza, that’s how sweet the Atlanta Jewish community was in setting a world record Sunday, June 3.

Largest cookie mosaic of a flag might not be the most coveted of records tracked by Guinness, but it nevertheless is an impressive accomplishment.

In only six weeks, Toco Hills residents led the way in organizing and executing a multilevel mitzvah with astounding logistics: 117,000 cookies, scores of volunteers, witnesses, security, health monitoring, photography, videography, promotional efforts to get video endorsements from the likes of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and former Sen. Joe Lieberman, all coming together to produce an edible 3,224-square-foot Israeli flag.

Those cookies are not going to waste, instead being donated to organizations working with people in need. And three Israeli nonprofits are going to receive more than $34,000 each.

It was yet another example of Jewish Atlanta coming together in an innovative way to support Israel and ourselves, and all those involved, especially Rabbi Yitz Tendler, Jodi Wittenberg and Matt Lewis, deserve our thanks for cooking up such a tasty way to celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday.

If you missed out on participating June 3, you still can be a part of this Jewish Atlanta record by sponsoring a cookie ($10) or even a dozen ($120). Just go to to make a donation, and you can claim your share of a Guinness world record.