The ORT high school at the Hodayot youth village has been recognized as one of the 2017 top high schools in Israel by the Israeli Ministry of Education. Hodayot is one of three schools within the World ORT Kadima Mada educational network to be awarded this distinction, along with the high school in the Kfar Hassidim youth village and the Levinson high school in Kiryat Yam.

Each of those institutions serves youths at risk from troubled backgrounds who face academic hardships.

ORT America Atlanta Region is extremely proud to support the high school in Hodayot, which was identified as one of the top-level high schools in the country,” said Rhoda Gould, the ORT America Atlanta Region president. “We have an ongoing commitment to Hodayot youth village in the Lower Galilee region to raise funds for capital upgrades and renovations of the Hodayot school. We will do whatever it takes to enhance learning conditions for the students and provide better resources for the teachers.”

ORT America supports the international educational network of World ORT, providing programs for more than 300,000 individuals in 37 countries focused on science, technology, engineering and math, as well as Jewish values.

World ORT in Israel is Kadima Mada (Science Journey), a multifaceted operation of educational opportunities primarily in under-resourced, peripheral areas of the country.

World ORT Kadima Mada specializes in STEM instruction to give students a solid educational foundation for rewarding careers in the competitive, high-tech marketplace of the 21st century. Its educational network includes a focus on students with socioeconomic challenges who have failed in the conventional academic system, affiliated schools, partnerships with technical colleges, the YOUniversity after-school program, the Kav-Or program for hospitalized children to maintain their academic progress and training for teachers.

Ofer Yerushalmi, the principal of the school in Hodayot, is not surprised by the recognition of three Kadima Mada network schools.

“Our schools provide a supportive educational environment for a diverse population; we take responsibility for the development of the values and personalities of our students and guide them accordingly,” he said. “In Hodayot, Kfar Hassidim, as well as other Kadima Mada locations, many students are immigrants from disadvantaged families who have performed poorly in the traditional system, and for most, these schools are their last chance.”

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