A serious East Cobb traffic accident Tuesday, March 15, at the intersection of Johnson Ferry and Roswell roads had an unlikely hero in Aaron Holder.

Holder was inside the nearby Sprint store when he witnessed a blinding flash of light and heard a deafening crash.

“G-d just puts me into situations he knows I can handle, I guess,” said Holder, who ran across the street to the accident and found two men opening the passenger door to assist the driver, who veered into a power pole after suffering a stroke.

“I went over to the driver-side door, and there were wires and fuel leaking everywhere,” Holder said. “I opened up the door, and with the help of one of those two guys, we got her out of the car. It was very surreal.”

Holder, who is studying to be a chiropractor at Life University in Marietta, said he took precautions to minimize the risk of head or neck injuries when moving the driver.

The accident shut down that busy intersection for hours, including most of the afternoon rush hour, while crews cleared the power lines and repaired the pole.

Holder organized a peaceful pro-Israel rally at the CNN Center in October. He is also a singer-songwriter and performed at halftime during the Atlanta Hawks’ Jewish Heritage Night in 2014.

“I don’t usually go that way, and there was no need for me to go to that Sprint store,” Holder said. “It was a miracle that she survived, a miracle that I was there and able to help, and a miracle that everyone did their part to make sure that things went right. It was all a miracle, thanks to G-d.”