Two strong candidates who share the same first name are running in the Democratic primary for Georgia’s governor next year: Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans.

Both women have strong records of public service; both stand solidly behind progressive issues, such as gun violence prevention, support of public education, support of women’s reproductive rights, immigration rights and many others. Both women faced financial challenges in childhood and prioritized education, and both women are lawyers.

Many voters may find it difficult to make a reasoned choice on the Democratic side of this race; they should use every opportunity to get to know both candidates.

Steve Berman’s challenge of Abrams’ loyalty to Israel represents divisive posturing that promotes polarization among Democratic Jews at a time when we should be seeking to unify progressive voices in an effort to tip the political scales in our state.

As American Jews, we stand united in our support of Israel and our opposition to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Both Democratic candidates for governor have affirmed their support for Israel and their opposition to the BDS movement.

We encourage Georgia’s Democratic Jewish voters to find another way to distinguish between these two candidates.

— Lois Frank, Valerie Habif, Joanie Shubin and Cedric Suzman