Jewish Family & Career Services has entered the final, public phase of its capital fundraising campaign to expand and improve its campus in Dunwoody next year.

JF&CS has raised about $5 million of its campaign goal of $5.1 million and, if it gets the additional $100,000, is on track to break ground in March for a project that will last nine to 12 months, agency CEO Rick Aranson said.

The problem for JF&CS is that construction and regulatory costs have risen during the capital campaign, so to build its original plans and deliver a first-class facility for staff and clients, the agency will need to raise $350,000 beyond the goal.

Because the project cost would go up about 1 percent for every month’s delay in the groundbreaking, construction will begin in March as long as the fundraising reaches $5.1 million. But if the total raised doesn’t quickly approach $5.5 million, Aranson said, the plans will be adjusted during the work to find the savings. That’s why the capital campaign involves some urgency.

What JF&CS will build.