Facebook announced Jan. 11 that it is showing users more posts from family and friends in their news feed, while hiding posts from media outlets. The team at the Atlanta Jewish Times was troubled by the announcement.

We work hard to cover local Jewish events, happenings and news in Atlanta as well as to connect with readers on our Facebook page. Unfortunately, the times are changing, and we must also change. Although we won’t be abandoning Facebook, we’re just changing the way we use the social network.

If you’d still like to see our posts in your news feed, there are some simple steps you can take.

5 Tips to Stay Connected With the AJT

See the AJT first in your Facebook News Feed.

(1) CHOOSE “SEE FIRST.” On the Atlanta Jewish Times Facebook page, click the “Follow” button (it may say “Following”) and make sure “See First” is checked. You can do the same on a mobile device following essentially the same steps. 

(2) BOOKMARK. Bookmark the AJT Facebook page. If you like what you see, please comment and share our posts, which helps us get greater visibility. The Bookmarks menu appears at the top of the browser.

(3) BOOKMARKS BAR. Put the AJT’s Facebook page in your “bookmarks bar” (Chrome) for easy access. It’s called “Favorites” on Safari and “Bookmarks Toolbar” on Firebox. That way, you can find our page with just one click. When you’re saving your bookmark, just make sure to choose the location that works best for you.

(4) AJT WEEKLY. Sign up for our weekly e-blast to get our top stories straight to your email inbox.

(5) ATLANTA JEWISH CONNECTOR. Recently, we launched a community calendar and directory to keep Jewish Atlanta up to date on events and local Jewish organizations. Then, we started a Facebook group as an extension of the connector and as a place to discuss and promote upcoming local events. Visit the connector at atlantajewishconnector.com and join the Facebook group here.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of the work we do here at the AJT and you would like to support us, please share our stories on social media and email. Your comments, shares and likes on Facebook will help us avoid losing readers.

Please reach out to us at submissions@atljewishtimes.com with any thoughts or questions.