Jewish artists and supporters gathered at the Marcus JCC on Wednesday, March 21, to celebrate the 28-artist exhibition “A Journey Through Time: Works of the American Guild of Judaic Art.”

New York artist Laurie Wohl spoke about textiles as visual midrash.

The exhibit is on display at the Marcus JCC’s Mainstreet Gallery through May 10.

Pamela Rishfeld of Cumming examines Laurie Wohl’s fiber work “Ne’ilah.” (Photo by Duane Stork)

The AGJA’s mission is to celebrate the rich diversity and sacred beauty of Judaic art around the world and to establish a community for those who are inspired to fulfill the commandment of hiddur mitzvah (beautifying the commandment) by creating, collecting and exhibiting Jewish art.

“The exhibit is fabulous. As one saunters down the gallery to get an overview, the color, texture and beauty of the pieces are dazzling,” Athens artist and guild member Abraham Tesser wrote in an email after the event. “But the real fun starts when you stop and examine each of the pieces in detail. The pieces speak for themselves, but blurbs describing each work and artist add meaning and depth.”

Photos by Duane Stork