The chance to share her passion for Israel is one of many reasons Tally Korman this year becomes the first Israeli-born chair of the Conexx Gala.

The American-Israel business connector’s annual awards gala March 22 at the Atlanta History Center marks the start of the Southeast’s celebrations of Israel’s 70th anniversary. The ceremony honors people and organizations strengthening ties between Israel and the Southeast.

Korman heard about Conexx after her husband, a vice president and North America general manager for the Israeli digital printing company Landa, moved to the Southeast for business.

“I think Conexx is a very special platform which brings people and businesses together on a whole new level,” she said.

This month’s gala will highlight Israel’s independence, the history of Zionism and Conexx’s work for the past quarter-century.

To enhance the event, Korman worked with the World Zionist Organization and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Israel. She said, “Everything in the gala is infused with an Israeli personality and is dedicated to exposing Israeli inventions and networking.”

The event will feature two exhibits showcasing Israel’s impact on the world.

“We are very limited on time but want to give people a taste of our changing world,” Korman said.

Originally from Haifa, Korman has always been fascinated with geography, which led her to become a university professor and tourism planner. For more than 28 years she has taught in universities and has traveled to Spain, Belgium and New York to consult with businesses in tourism, planning and development.

Korman is thankful for the opportunity to serve as Conexx’s gala chair and is happy to contribute her time in any way. “I am very passionate about the Israeli and American community and am glad Conexx is able to bring business and people together,” she said. “The benefits we gain are economic and personal.”