For more than three decades the Israel Scout Friendship Caravan, or the Tzofim, have been touring the U.S., and performing in the Atlanta area, bringing a love of Israel through song and dance-a wonderful evening of entertainment, bringing Israel to us, with love.

The scouts are a group of 10 teenagers who originate from all across Israel, comprised of five females and five males, between the ages of 16-18. They perform in English, Hebrew and even Yiddish, bringing smiles on every face in their audiences of young and old alike.

For 35 years, Pat and Bob Pugrant have made it their mission to ensure a visit and at least one community performance each summer. Funds are raised throughout the year by them and a dedicated group of volunteers to ensure this wonderful program continues, through generous community donors and a minimal cost for the show. It is a fun and upbeat event which enables us to get a taste of the youth of Israel, the Jewish homeland, the soul of the Jewish people.

This year’s show took place once again at Temple Emanu-El (1580 Spalding Drive, NE) in Sandy Springs on Mon., June 30.

Editor’s note: For more, visit the Scouts website: www.israelscouts.org or contact Pat Pugrant, at patpugrant50@gmail.com or (678) 880-7170