May G-d bless you always with health, wealth and happiness.

May you be blessed with children and with children’s children.

May you be blessed to enjoy a ripe old age with a healthy mind and body.

May you be blessed with joyfully living in the ways of the Torah.

May your heart beat with love toward His creations.

May your eyes see the beauty in His majestic world.

May your mouth speak words of wisdom.

May your hands toil in honest and holy work.

May your mind be filled with His thoughts, the Torah.

May your legs move swiftly to do a good deed.

May your muscles be flexed with courage.

May your belly feel full with the abundance He provides.

May your lungs breathe in the air of peace and harmony.

May your ideas be truthful and honest.

May your time be occupied with acts of kindness.

May your truths be found in our traditions.

May your thoughts be pure and wholesome.

May your gratitude grow and keep entitlement away.

May your questions cause you to seek answers.

May your answers urge you to ask more questions.

May your confidence uplift another.

May your kindness spread out only in good ways.

May your independence connect you with others.

May your faith be that all is for the good.

May your words be measured and compassionate.

May your friends be upright and bring you comfort.

May your joy be boundless.

May your purpose come from giving of yourself.

May your happiness cause others to be happy.

May your pleasure be found in spiritual quests.

May your curiosity lead you to helpful answers.

May your money be shared with the needy.

May your lens be far and wide.

May your life be perfect.

But if it is not …

May your insecurities compel you to be kind.

May your anger be tempered by understanding.

May your scepticism dissipate and not lead you astray.

May your jealousy be toward those with more knowledge.

May your pain bring you purpose.

May your loneliness bring you empathy.

May your indignation be for the downtrodden.

May your fears be of G-d alone.

May your enemies recognize their mistakes.

May your disappointments be a catalyst for growth.

May your challenges encourage you to grow.

May your grudges be cause for compassion.

May your sadness be reason to think about another.

May your loss bring you more gain.

May your depression cause you to introspect and find gratitude.

May you be a shining link in our chain.

May you be willing to give more then you get.

You will always be a child of mine. Forever with love,

Your Momma.

Dena Schusterman is a founder of Chabad Intown, a Jewish educator, and a founding director of both the Intown Jewish Preschool and the Intown Hebrew School. She teaches women’s classes and is dedicated to teaching students of all ages in the Atlanta Jewish community and beyond through her published articles. She and her husband, Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman, are native Californians living in Atlanta for 20 years with their eight children.