Finding true love doesn’t come easily for everyone, but if you put your heart and mind into it, love might be closer than you think.

That’s the lesson of the Israeli film “The Wedding Plan,” which is making its Atlanta debut as the first feature of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival’s AJFF Selects series Thursday, May 11, then will return for a theatrical release May 26.

After meeting the man of her dreams, Michal (played by Noa Koler) is ready to tie the knot, but she finds herself in a predicament after her ultra-Orthodox fiancé decides to call off their engagement mere months before the wedding. In a final attempt to prove love exists, however, Michal decides to follow through with the wedding, in the hope of finding a husband in time.

With the help of two matchmakers, Michal starts back at square one as she gives fate another chance. In between booking events for her mobile petting zoo and keeping family affairs in order, Michal goes on a series of dates, each proving more disastrous than the previous.

Each suitor takes Michal on a ride as he shares his own struggles in life and in finding love, yet he seldom shares Michal’s concept of love.

Reluctant to give up hope, Michal travels to Ukraine, where she bumps into her favorite Israeli singer. Sparks fly after a brief conversation, but is this the guy Michal is destined to marry?

Back in Israel, Michal faces a new reality when she discovers that her roommate has been keeping secrets from her until she learns the truth.

“The Wedding Plan” takes audience members on a romantic journey as Michal strives to discover who she is and what she wants out of life. As the day of the wedding approaches, Michal has yet to find a groom, leaving viewers wondering whether she made the right decision.

Chance encounters, challenges and new experiences throw her into a world of uncertainty as she fights to take destiny into her own hands and confronts G-d’s plan for her. Courage, pain and tragedy guide Michal on her journey as friends and family members support her quest to find someone she can spend her life with.

“The Wedding Plan,” written and directed by Rama Burshtein, will wrap audiences in confusion and laughter as people recall their own struggles and joys in finding true love. The romantic comedy explores the depth of human emotion and one women’s courage to find what she seeks despite all odds.

What: AJFF Selects presents “The Wedding Plan”

Where: Lefont Sandy Springs, 5920 Roswell Road, C-103

When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 11