Nathan Brodsky is the new family impact manager at the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

Before his promotion after 2½ years with Federation, Brodsky worked as the PJ Library and engagement associate and focused on partnership programing, fundraising and marketing strategies that exposed PJ Library to the Atlanta Jewish community.

“I would say that anything that has the PJ Library logo on it has my reach on it,” he said.

He views his new position from the strategic viewpoint of supporting the Jewish community through family-friendly programing that reaches specific age groups.

“I think in my new role I really have to learn from the community,” Brodsky said. “I don’t have all the answers, but in talking with families and in talking with Jewish professionals and in talking with parents and grandparents, I am learning what I view as a collection of thoughts are the needs of the Jewish community, where we need to start doing programing, how the connectors have really impacted families, and bringing them together and where we can go.”

He added: “Jewish Atlanta is changing. We see that through The Front Porch. We see it through each individual, each family, each unit. We see that through Jewish organizations that are adapting to the needs, and, within that, PJ Library is changing. What we were two years ago is very different from what we were five years ago and very different from where we are right now.”