Camp Judaea meant so much to David Rosenberg that friends and family are raising money to name a new cabin at the North Carolina camp after him.

The cost to dedicate a cabin is $180,000, and, according to a GoFundMe campaign launched Monday, March 5, by Al Cohn of Birmingham, close friends and family have pledged about $100,000 toward the total. The online crowdfunding campaign aims to raise the remaining $80,000.

Donations topped $7,400 in the first three days.

“One of David’s greatest loves was Camp Judaea (CJ), the summer camp that he attended as both a camper and a counselor. This camp gave rise to many of David’s most long-standing and meaningful friendships and was pivotal in the development of his own personal Jewish identity. Camp Judaea was also where David’s extended family spent many of their summers as campers and staff, as well. This allowed CJ to serve as a constant venue for making memories and enjoying time with his large, extended circle of cousins, along with the many individuals he thought of as family,” the campaign page reads.

“Throughout his life, he remained a devoted supporter and enthusiast of Camp Judaea, to the extent that he fostered the same sense of wonderment and excitement about CJ in his son, Evan, who still attends CJ as one of the many happy next generation of enthusiastic campers.”

Rosenberg, who lived in Johns Creek, died Feb. 14 at age 47 from complications related to the flu.

“There is no legacy more appropriate to memorialize our beloved David than a permanent structure that improves the experience for the future generations of CJ campers. (With exception, perhaps, of a large statue of a Georgia Bulldog),” the GoFundMe campaign says.