As the joys of Rosh Hashanah became memory and the thumping of our chests and hunger pains associated with Yom Kippur faded from our consciousness, Congregation Etz Chaim prepared for the joys of Sukkot.

Something new adorned the rear property at the East Cobb synagogue this year.  A second Sukkah, a brand new Sukkah, a unique Sukkah; one brought to the Shul by Rabbi Shalom Lewis and designed and constructed by the Synagogue’s Facility Manager, Aram Blankenship.

The new Drive-Thru Sukkah, kosher in every way, made it possible for everyone visiting Etz Chaim to recite the appropriate brachot while they shook the traditional lulav and etrog in the comfort of their vehicle.

“It is a gimmick” admitted Rabbi Lewis, “A novelty, but one intended to remind us all of the fun that can be associated with Sukkot.  All too often our busy lives cause us to ignore some of the traditions that are the backbone of our faith and this gave us the chance to fulfill the obligation in a most unique and convenient fashion. Many of our members partook of this new opportunity and, although it will never replace the traditional meal and comradery associated with the customary Sukkot, it promises to catch on and become a yearly tradition at Etz Chaim.”

Of course Etz Chaim had its conventional Sukkah with events in it thought out the seven days and nights of the holiday.