Chabad Intown Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman is one of 60 alumni of Chabad’s flagship Oholei Torah Educational Institute in Brooklyn being honored at the school’s annual dinner Sunday, May 28.

Oholei Torah ( sought nominations from Chabad community members worldwide to find 60 alumni to honor as part of the celebration of its 60 years of operation.

“Rabbi Schusterman truly lives up to the school’s ideals and has dedicated his life to furthering Jewish awareness and Jewish education,” said Rabbi Joseph Rosenfeld, the director of Oholei Torah, which has more than 7,000 alumni worldwide.

Rabbi Mendel Duchman, the CEO of skin-care company Nonie of Beverly Hills, is the keynote speaker at the gala.

“Oholei Torah is the true training ground for Chabad’s work worldwide,” said Rabbi Nosson Blumes, Oholei Torah’s director of development. “It is the skills, the passion and the Jewish warmth they receive under the tutelage of Oholei Torah that inspires Chabad rabbis in their work as community leaders.”