In June 1967, I was a student at the University of Georgia School of Law and closely watched the news about the Six-Day War. I felt great pride at Israel’s quick defeat of so many hostile nations that promised to drive her into the sea.

My love affair with Israel and my enhanced pride in being Jewish began at that point, and the following year my wife, Laraine, and I purchased our first Israel Bond. We have continued to do so since then.

Since Israel’s Independence Day was recently celebrated, it is a good time to reflect on the rich history of Israel and pray that the future brings further prosperity and peace to the Jewish homeland.

This is also the time when we must do all we can to ensure that Israel remains strong and secure. A direct investment in the state of Israel through the purchase of Israel Bonds allows me to do just that.

Targeted and existential threats and actions continue against the only democracy in the Middle East. Iran defiantly promises the annihilation of Israel and arms and finances Israel’s enemies.

People sometimes say to me in frustration, “What can I do?”

There is something I do that you can do right now: Buy an Israel Bond. Invest in Israel and help yourself at the same time.

Buying Israel Bonds is my way of supporting Israel. The purchase of bonds is an apolitical way to provide American investment to help the Israeli government build and improve projects such as desalination plants, shipping and port facilities, roads, train and airport facilities, and immigrant absorption.

The purchase of bonds has enabled Israel to become the innovation nation and a global leader in medicine, science, technology and other fields.

My specific reasons for buying bonds:

  • My purchase of Israel Bonds creates a financial connection between me and the state of Israel.
  • I am not just buying any municipal, federal or corporate bond; I am buying an Israel Bond, which is a bond with the people of Israel.
  • I get an excellent return on my investment. I am making an investment, not a charitable donation.
  • I can invest in Israel Bonds for different time periods and different amounts. There is no commission or fee involved.
  • Israel has always paid the principal and interest on my bonds on time and in full. They have always been a safe, secure investment, and there has never been a default. Over $1 billion of bonds were purchased in the United States last year. It just makes good financial sense to own Israel Bonds.
  • I am helping Israel because Israel can pay interest on Israel Bonds for less than banks or other financial institutions would charge it for a loan.
  • Israel Bonds are so easy to purchase. I can click on or just call the Atlanta bonds office at 404-817-3500.
  • I buy bonds as gifts for family members and bar and bat mitzvah presents. Also, purchasers of Israel Bonds can invest in bonds in their retirement or other individual or corporate accounts and their foundation and donor-advised funds.
  • Israel Bonds also can be used to contribute to many organizations, such as Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, Magen David Adom and your favorite college. Use Israel Bonds and do a double mitzvah!
  • I feel very good that my investment is going to help the people of Israel. When I visit Israel, I take great pride in knowing that my dollars are being wisely used.

To have peace with security, Israel needs our purchases. Long-term security for Israel will be greatly enhanced if Israel can maintain its economic strength. Don’t delay; buy an Israel Bond today.


Atlanta lawyer and mediator Lowell Fine is a member of Ahavath Achim Synagogue.