Ever since the new Broadway Cafe opened in mid-July, the restaurant has fed many a kosher-conscious bagel fanatic in the Toco Hills area. In this edition of Better Know a Bagel, we take a look at how its bagels stack up to Atlanta’s best.

As the only kosher restaurant in Atlanta to offer a full breakfast, Broadway Cafe had to be the next stop in my bagel-and-schmear-filled odyssey.

A visit to Broadway Cafe is not complete without the sliced Nova platter

A visit to Broadway Cafe is not complete without the sliced Nova platter


With stylish wood-paneled walls, an inviting front counter, and tasty menu items such as falafel, baked ziti and an array of gourmet pizzas, it’s no wonder that Broadway has become a hangout for those in Toco Hills. Located across the street from the original Broadway Cafe on Briarcliff Road, the new spot somehow has both a modern vibe and a classic feel. Visit Broadway at lunchtime on a Wednesday and you might even witness an AJT editorial meeting in progress.

Verdict: 5/5 bagels



Broadway Cafe isn’t strictly a bagel bakery, but it does make traditional, New York-style, kettle-boiled bagels that live up to their namesake. They boast a soft interior with a not-too-crispy coating. Broadway’s bagels lose points, however, on their toppings, which are too large and a little bit overcooked. Still, the wide variety of doughy discs, including chocolate chip, blueberry, onion and cinnamon raisin, should satisfy any bagel lover’s craving.

Verdict: 4/5 bagels


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From veggie schmear to whitefish, lox and PB&J, Broadway offers plenty of options for topping your bagel. Make sure to try the elegantly presented sliced Nova platter, which includes fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and a plentiful portion of lox. The cream cheese is a bit dense and tough to spread, however, so Broadway misses out on a perfect score here. The menu includes other kosher breakfast staples, including lox, eggs and onions; French toast; and breakfast pastries baked in house.

Verdict: 4/5 bagels



Although the new Broadway Cafe is not a devoted bagel deli, a visit to the restaurant is not complete without trying one of its bagels. Great atmosphere and food and a friendly staff are a successful recipe for this 6-month-old establishment managed by Avi Alzadeh. I highly recommend a morning visit for coffee and breakfast.

Verdict: 4/5 bagels

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