Henry Banner is determined to make sure the kids of Camp Kudzu have some fun when they’re stuck inside on rainy days.

Inspired by 8-year-old cousin Andrew Connelly’s battle with diabetes, Henry decided to do something for the camp, which serves children and teens who have Type 1 diabetes. For the mitzvah project leading to his bar mitzvah Saturday, Jan. 6, at The Temple, Henry decided to collect Lego sets for Camp Kudzu.

Giving to others has always been a part of Henry’s life. The Banner family works with the Zaban Paradies Center and brings Chanukah decorations to the Ronald McDonald House each year to help Jewish families there celebrate the holiday.

After learning about Andrew’s recent diabetes diagnosis, Henry thought back to the fun they had together while playing with Legos, and the Legos for a Rainy Day project was born.

Henry contacted the Legoland Discovery Center and Camp Kudzu, and both agreed to participate in the mitzvah project.

Camp Kudzu asked for 500 sets of the toy bricks, so Henry made the toys part of his bar mitzvah invitation and asked each guest to bring a set to the event. Legoland set up a toy drive in which visitors could donate money or Lego sets to the camp.

Henry and his family also set up an Amazon wish list for anyone who wanted to donate to the camp.

About his mitzvah project, Henry said, “I hope it raises awareness for Type 1 diabetes and Camp Kudzu and at the same time allows the campers to have fun building Lego sets just like my cousin Andrew and I do when we are together.”