The Diller Teen Tikkun Olam Awards was envisioned by Bay Area Philanthropist Helen Diller, the quiet AJT force behind The Helen Diller Family Foundation. The national awards program recognizes Jewish teens, who demonstrate their commitment to social good through their participation in exceptional leadership projects that embody the spirit of tikkun olam. Because of their visionary actions, each recipient is awarded $36,000 to further their philanthropic work or education.

This year, the awards program is recognizing fifteen young Jewish leaders, including twenty-year-old Amanda Harris of Atlanta, Georgia. Amanda is the creator of Wear then Share, a project that teaches dance to disadvantaged children and collects and distributes dancewear items to nine community organizations, which benefit underprivileged children in the Atlanta area. Through the art of dance, Wear then Share teaches children about the importance of discipline, patience, and dedication. Since 2006, Amanda has distributed more than 9,000 dancewear items, valued at more than $80,000, to thousands of children in the Atlanta area, and has taught hundreds of students how to dance. Because of her philanthropic project, Amanda has been able to share her passion for dance while making a difference in the lives of low-income children.