By Michal Bonell /

The Israeli film “Abulele” is an “E.T.”-style fantasy about an isolated 10-year-old boy named Adam who is dealing with the death of his older brother in a car crash.

He is befriended and protected by a creature, Abulele, who is being hunted by special military forces. As in “E.T.,” the lonely boy must find a way to protect his new supernatural pal, in this case with the help of two unexpected friends.

The fantasy goes beyond the friendly monster. Director Jonathan Geva sets his movie in a green, beautiful and modern Israel where the lifestyle is quite Americanized.

The music, scenery and special effects enhance the suspense and deliver exhilaration. The story is heartwarming as we learn more about the characters and how they are all connected to Abulele.

I did not expect to enjoy a children’s movie, but it is beautifully made, funny, suspenseful, sensitive and heartwarming.

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