Graduation season in Jewish Atlanta came to a close Sunday night, June 25, when Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael held its graduation at Congregation Beth Jacob’s Heritage Hall for the 10 members of the high school’s Class of 2017: Yehoshua Berger, Ben Bogart, Gavi Boroosan, Avi Cavalier, Tuli Garfinkel, Aaron Lewis, Yitzi Nir, Ephraim Rodbell, Shua Silverman and Ben Steele.

The ceremony marked the completion of the Toco Hills school’s first year under Rabbi Avrohom Tkatch as the menahel (principal). Rabbi Tkatch, Rabbi Mayer Neuberger (rosh yeshiva) and Rabbi Shimon Wiggins (principal of general studies) addressed the graduates.

Photos by Eli Gray